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[+] Radio Advertising

You need a radio advertising for your company? We can do vocal and music for your radio spot. Voiceover, jingles, etc. We have a wide network of announcers in different languajes, sex and age. You choose.

[+] Voiceovers

Any Voiceover you need, we can do it. For a awnserphone of your company, PA announcements, etc.

[+] Dubbing.

You have a corporative video and you need to dub it in another languaje? We make dubbing for movies, commerciales, corporative videos, in any language, we are specialized in spanish dubbing.

[+] TV Advertising.

We offer a great services of audio and video for your TV spots, we can even create a musical piece for your spot to make it special. We also offer dubbing for TV spots.



Please contact us to get a quote for this services.

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