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Mastering is a really important process you have to comply before you show your product to the public, it raises the volume and so the feeling that your song/track sounds better. All the professional songs or advertising have a mastering process.

[+] Master Singles

You need to master a single? You've come to the right place, we offer professional mastering to your single for just $40.

[+] Master Music Albums

You want to master a hole album? We have discounts for multiple masters up to 50%, a music album of 10 songs would cost $200 instead of $400.

[+] Master Voiceovers / Advertising.

Any project you need to master, we can do ir for you, get a quote.

[+] Restoring audio.

We can restore your audio erasing noise and other artifacts, depending of the source the results my differ.

Please contact us to get a quote for this services.

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